point of sale software.






Cloud Service

Ready to use once connected. No need installation, all data stored our secure databases to prevent data loss. You can easily reach to application from everywhere. Authorize and manage every your user.

Powerfull Reports

Stock tracking, Product Performance, Payment Types, Store Performance, User Performance, Deleted Products, Canceled Orders and various type of reports like these...

Flexible and Manageable

We make management and maintaining business is easy and centered. Supports different type of stores and sale types.

  • Multiple stores in same account.
  • Different type of products.
  • User authorization and customizable roles.
  • All currencies, custom payment types.
  • Automated supplier orders.

One Software, Every Integration

We are expanding to solve problems. All you need is one application to maintain, manage and plan feature of your business.

Kitchen Screen

Deliver orders in real-time to multiple kitchens and mark products as preparing or done.

Mobile Caller ID

Get customer incoming call number from your mobile phone to create order for takeaway.

Caller ID

Get customer incoming call number from your phone line to create order for takeaway.

Receipt Printers

Connect your receipt printers for receipt and kitchen prints. Usb and ethernet receipt printers are supported.

Barcode Scanner

Use barcode scanner to create order, manage barcode products and check stocks.

Automated Supplier Orders

Get list of required product amount by supplier and create order for this supplier and manage order status.

Customer First

We take care of customer experience and try to be simple, functional and effective. We are expanding by integrations and new features while keeping our software reliable. We are open for a new improve or feature request. A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all for us. We also provide free live support service to each of our customers as much as we can.


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